Casement Window, Manchester

Mrs. Johnson wanted to replace her old and worn-out windows with new energy-efficient ones. She also wanted to give her home a modern and sleek look.

After conducting a thorough inspection, the expert window installer recommended installing casement windows. These windows had a modern and sleek design, and they were energy-efficient. They allowed maximum airflow, which would help regulate the temperature and reduce energy consumption.

The expert window installer discussed the installation process with Mrs. Johnson. He explained that they would need to remove the old windows carefully, measure the opening accurately, and install the new windows precisely to ensure a tight fit. They would also need to seal the windows properly to prevent any air leaks.

The installer and his team started the installation process the following day. They began by removing the old windows and cleaning the opening. They carefully measured the opening and made sure that the new windows would fit perfectly. They then installed the new casement windows and tested them to ensure that they opened and closed smoothly.

The team then sealed the windows using high-quality sealants to prevent any air leaks. They also installed new hardware and locks to improve the security of the home.