Terms & Conditions

1. All goods remain the property of AM Windows and Doors (Leek) LTD (hereinafter referred to as the Company) until paid in full.

2. The Company only uses glass from reputable British suppliers and the glass conforms to the highest specifications and standard.

3. Patio doors are guaranteed for 10 years and toughened glass for 5 years and the company will assign all benefits of any guarantee given to it by its supplier.

4. In the event of cancellation the Company reserves the right to charge for any cost it has incurred prior to cancellation.

5.. In the event of payment not being made on the day of completion the company will , at its discretion, charge interest on the outstanding balance at the prevailing Bank of England base rate plus 2.5% unless late payment is by prior arrangement.

6. The Company may make, at its discretion, any modifications or additional demand necessary to meet specifications or safety standards.

7. All claims under the guarantee must be made in writing and addressed to the service department within 14 days of alleged defect becoming apparent.

8. The guarantee applies to the following materials and components supplied to the customer for the guarantee period specified:-

a. Extrusion – 10 years

b. Door panels – 5 years

c. Conservatory Roof – 5 years

d. Sealed Units- 5 years

e. All mechanical parts, locks, hinges, handles etc. – 2 years

f. Labour- 1 year

9. All glass supplied for patios, doors and roof lights is a recommended safety glass.

10. The guarantee period referred to commences on the date of the despatch to the customer.

11. The guarantee does not apply to:-

a. Normal wear and tear.

b. Any materials or components incorrectly assembled or installed contrary to the instructions or recommendations of our company.

c. Any materials or components which have not been maintained as recommended by our company.

d. Any materials or components which have been the subject of accidental damage, damage by misuse or which have been damaged on assembly or installation by the customer, the company excepts no responsibility for customers own fitting and fitters.

e, Glass breakage after delivery or installation however so caused.

12. This guarantee is not transferable and only covers the person named on the original contract.

13. The company reserves the right to levy labour/material charges for repairs not under guarantee.

14. Any concessions latitude or waver allowed by the company at any time shall be without prejudice to strict and full rights under this contract and shall not prevent the company subsequently exercising such rights.

15. The statutory rights of the customer shall not be affected by any term or condition incorporated into this contract.